Our Sporting Heritage
Our Sporting Heritage: Feb 2024-Nov2026

6th Form Portfolio Workshops

This spring we were excited to host our first 6th Form Portfolio Workshops with local fashion lecturer, Anya Glinski. These workshops were supported by a grant from the AIM and Arts Scholars Charitable Trust Brighter Day scheme.

Degree level fashion, costume and textile courses ask for students to provide a portfolio of work as part of their application process. With cuts to arts education limiting the resources and classroom hours secondary school students have to spend on creative subjects, we were delighted to be able to run these portfolio workshop sessions.

The sessions were spread over 4 weeks and the students learnt a range of skills to boost their portfolios from leather work to pleating. We had ten spaces available for local students. The grant enabled us to pay for Anya’s time, as well as transport for the students to our rural location and materials for them to practise their new found skills. All in all the workshop were a success, with many of the students starting new projects at home and boosting their portfolios. Best of luck to them as they apply for their courses. We hope to run it again next year!